While many people have adopted cooking as a hobby, it is not among my favorite chores, although I see its importance now, more than ever.

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This enhanced community quarantine has forced me to cook, often with the help of You Tube.

It’s fun to watch experts prepare simple meals. Everything is well-explained. You even learn different trivia.

It’s only now that I truly appreciate every pot and pan.

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I began cooking again about two years ago, so I can add more vegetables to my diet and boost my immune system.

Researchers have seen a link between the decline in cooking skills and the rise of non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and certain cancers.

With the COVID-19 scare and the government-imposed quarantine, the effort is double -and there must always be lots of ingredients with antiviral property.

I helped cook rice when I was in college. I prepared my favorite lumpia Shanghai. I fried fish, chicken, and longganiza.

That was it! I never observed my parents when they prepared delicious meals. I did not have the interest to watch and learn in the kitchen.

I’m glad that my father once asked me to clean some squid and fish when I was in college (just once).

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I did not see then that he was teaching me a basic skill necessary for survival. Now I realize that cooking has to be learned at a young age.

It’s okay if someone is not able to make beautiful crochet and apron as school projects, but every child must at least know how to cook rice, boil eggs, fry breakfast favorites, and prepare pancakes!

With support and encouragement from adults, children can prepare more meals as they grow older.

“Cooking at home has many advantages. To mention a few, it helps you take a nutritious meal, save money, and you are confident of food safety among others” (Weber).

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How has cooking at home been more helpful for you? Please leave your comment below. Thanks!

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