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My name is Ericka, and I have Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes doesn’t have ME!

I’ll share with you the jouney that brought me to this place in life!

Hello! My name is Ericka Scott. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2000. Since starting this website, I have been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, as well. However, through meal planning, I am working on – and doing a pretty good job at being FREE of both diseases… YESSS!

Although I was more than likely going to develop Diabetes, due to my poor eating habits, Diabetes was a common medical condition on both of my parent’s sides of my family.

  • My father was an insulin-dependent Diabetic
  • My maternal Grandmother was an insulin-dependent Diabetic. Fortunately, she no longer takes insulin shots. Glipizide, the pill form of insulin, helps to maintain a healthy glucose level for her.
  • As a side effect of a medication, my mother was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2017.
  • My paternal Grandmother was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes around the year 2010.
  • My maternal Grandfather was Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, in his 60s, causing him to become legally blind. He didn’t attempt to manage his Diabetes, though.

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So, you see, Diabetes has been a medical condition that many of my close relatives have had to manage, for many years.

The problem – and question – was always, “What can I eat?”

I grew up with your typical southern cooking traditions – fried foods, LOTS of desserts, and sweet drinks to wash it all down.

Couple that with terms like “salad”, as in potato salad, we actually thought we were eating in a healthier way. Come to realize, we weren’t… NOT IN THE LEAST BIT!

When I was 12, my mother read a book called “Fit For Life”. That was a game-changer! She removed many of the “comfort foods” from our diet, and replaced them with lots and lots of veggies… Ugh!

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That’s like starting a baby eating sweet potatoes and squash – the good, sweet stuff. Then, trying to get them to eat green beans and peas!

So, I can’t say I didn’t know HOW to eat the right, healthier way. I just chose NOT to.

The 3 major changes Diabetes caused in my life:

First, fast forward to around 2013. I started noticing tingling and swelling in my feet. As a long-haul truck driver, I just figured it was poor circulation or maybe my Psoriatic Arthritis was causing it.

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You know how – thanks to Google – we like to self-diagnose instead of going to the doctor, right? Lol

Well, this actually turned out to be Diabetic Neuropathy. If you’re not familiar with this condition, the easiest way to explain it is like this: You know when you sit cross-legged too long? When you get up, your legs are all numb and tingly?

Yep. That’s how my legs and feet feel all day! I have to walk slower to make sure I don’t trip. I also have to be extra careful with my feet to make sure they’re not cut or injured, because I don’t have much sensation.

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Another way Diabetes has affected me is with my vision. In 2018, I was diagnosed wtih – and treated for Diabetic Retinopathy.

During an eye exam, my Optometrist saw little pools of blood behind both eyes. She referred me to an Opthalmologist who confirmed the diagnosis.

The treatment consisted of three shots in each eye, over three weeks. The shots are designed to stop the malicious, leaky arteries from growing.

Then I had to endure the most painful surgery I’ve ever been through – and I’ve been through a few!

I had to sit still while he jammed one eye open, and shot this horrific laser beam back and forth across my eye… OH MY LORD!!!

The final major change Diabetes made in my life is that – the combination of the first two issues, made it really difficult for me to continue trucking. So, I retired in November 2019,

Fortunately, the trucking company I was driving for is our own. M&E Rich Enterprises, Inc. MC-536739.

My ex-husband is still operating the truck while I manage the office work.

Fortunately, the extra time and energy allowed me to start working on a dream I’ve been nurturing in my mind and soul over the past three years.

“Everything happens for a reason” right?

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How was born?

The simple truth is this: If my family and I were struggling to find the right ways to eat, considering our medical conditions – Diabetes and High Blood Pressure – I figured there were others who share the exact same frustrations.

If you’re reading or listening to this, I guess it’s safe to assume you are in the same boat, right?

No, I don’t have High Blood Pressure… Thank God!

Update: As of May 2020, and the new guidelines by the American Heart Association, my blood reading of 138/84 means I DO now have High Blood Pressure… Ugh! But, I do thank God for learning about it early. Now, I’m able to control it.

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However, I have had to do so much research and coaching for and with my Grandmother. I would consider myself pretty well-educated on how to plan and eat healthy meals when High Blood Pressure is one of your medical conditions.

And just so you know… Grandma was on two pills for High Blood Pressure. She was also on Insulin and Metformin for Diabetes. Now, I’m happy to report that she is only on one pill for each… YESSS!

Today is the first of many posts to come!

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I chose this specific date to begin this journey, for one reason and one reason only…

10 years ago, today, my father passed away due to Diabetes-related complications. Apparently, he ate too much of the wrong food, the night before, and took too much insulin in an attempt to counteract the effects of the sugar he ingested.

Unfortunately, he grossly miscalculated his numbers.

As a result, he passed out at home, and was rushed to the hospital. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

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My father’s sugar dropped to 27! Technically, he died of cardiac arrest.

My goal is to use this platform as a tool to educate you – for yourself and/ or your loved ones – to EAT BETTER to LIVE BETTER!

UPDATE: On Feb. 4, 2021, I had eye surgery to remove some of the scar tissue in my right eye, and to re-attach my retina. As I’m writing this, I am thankful that everyday my vision improves… Amen!

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